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Should’ve bought this a long time ago
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I was pleasantly surprised on how all my other storage boxes became obsolete. I was very happy that my whole kitchen was able to fit into a box the size of an ice chest! Very easy to transport. I love the way everything is well organized, this makes cooking much easier.

Awesome Chuck Box
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The Chuck Box allowed us to stock everything we needed to camp for the weekend. I highly recommend this camping kitchen!

Love it!
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we used to carry everything in a container & had to dig through a bunch of stuff to find an item, no more, everything is neatly packed in & easy to reach/find in the Chuck Box.

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Where to Use Your Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

Posted by Denise Brothen on

Where to Use Your Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen isn’t just for camping. We’ve taken ours overlanding, roadtrip-ing, and picnic-ing. And it doesn’t end there. Here are 9 times when your Chuck Box Camp Kitchen will come in handy:

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - Zion

1. At the Tailgate Party

The MVP of any pre-game cookout is the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen. It transports your brats, burgers and grilling tools in one spot, and looks rad sitting on your truck’s tailgate. Slap your team’s logo on the side and make it part of the cheering section.

Chuck Box - Tailgating

2. Traveling in an RV

Your RV might have a kitchen and storage space, but the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen comes into play when you want to set up cooking and eating outside the rig. You won’t have to scramble to find what you need, or worry about putting it all back, when you keep your outdoor gear in the box.


3. On an Overland Trek

Overlanding builds up an appetite. Set up your cooking space in short order with the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen. It handily stores tough equipment like a cast iron pan and utility knife, plus the roto-molded plastic is extra durable and will hold up during even the roughest of rides.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen Overlanding

4. While Camping

Obviously. We love that the top can be quickly removed from the box to serve as a s’mores station, dishwashing sink, or card table.

 Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - Camping

5. During a Road Trip

You might not always find yourself within driving distance of suitable food options. Pull the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen out at a rest stop or picnic site and prepare your own meals.

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen Tailgating

6. On a Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts Excursion

Help prepare the next generation outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen for a lifetime of outdoor cooking. Organizing your gear, proper set-up and clean-up are all life skills that will serve them well. The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen is your perfect self-reliability teaching tool.

7. Preparing for an Emergency

Natural and man-made disasters can strike anywhere at any time. Make the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen part of your go-bag to ensure you and your family have the right gear in one easy-to-pack spot in case of emergency. Safety first.


8. On a Fishing Trip (or ice fishing in Minnesota!)

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen holds up great in an ice fishing house on a frozen Minnesota lake. Bring it along on your next fishing adventure to store fishing and eating/cooking supplies.

9. Anytime you want to cook outdoors

Picnic-ing, hunting, geo-tagging... Whatever your outdoor adventure entails, and wherever it takes you, you’ll need sustenance to keep you going. Power up your next excursion with the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen.

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