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Exactly what I was looking for!! My husband will use his Chuck Box Camp Kitchen for many years. Can’t wait to use it! Thank you for making an amazing Made in America product!

Perfect Fit

I am very happy with the construction of my Camp Kitchen. Very sturdy and spacious. I can fit my 2 turner Coleman stove and all of my utensils, pots/pans, and plates/bowls/cups. My first outing was a great success. Everything stayed in its place.
The dividers were dislodged upon arrival, and are a tight fit. It was a little difficult to get them inserted correctly, but not impossible. They stayed in place during some light offroading in desert mountain trails.

Lovin’ the Chuck Box

I love my new Chuck Box! It’s durable, well designed, and spacious inside. Excellent craftsmanship! I can’t wait to try it out on the road.

Great product!

A dream come true

We camp three weekends per month between April and October and have a small T@b 320 teardrop camper. We do all of our cooking outside and utilize our interior cabinetry for backpacks and other gear. Before betting the Chuck Box Camp Kitchen, we were making due with various totes and containers...which take up a lot of space and don't work well in regard to efficiency. After a few weeks of researching, we pulled the trigger on the Chuck Box and could not be happier! The quality is fantastic and the molded handles make it easy to lug around, even when full. The depth is perfect and we can just fit it through our door to the camper. It is has proven to be raccoon proof on many occasions: no more grubby little hands trying to diddle our food!! We do not store our Camp Chef Everest in the Chuck Box, as it doesn't fit, but we do use the top compartment for cooking pans and our bread, which is a better use of space for us anyway. It is shocking how much we can store in this thing! We couldn't be happier and recommend this product 100%.

Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Camp Stove Easily Fits

Well made. No problems removing top, opening, closing, or with the silverware drawer. I think it's actually prettier than the picture, a lightly speckled green. I use it as my backyard "kitchen cabinet". Works well -- remove top, bring into house and fill with whatever we plan to cook that night. Everything we need for prep and eating is already in the Chuck Box. With top empty, dirty dishes, cups, etc. can be put in it and brought into the house for washing.

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

Making camping fast and easier, we love it!

The very first time we packed our camp kitchen we realized the amount of time and effort we used to put into packing, plus we always forgot something...

Now everything is packed and ready! It couldn’t be simpler, we just pick up and go and we have everything we need at arms reach in one trip to the campsite!

Very nice

I really like my chuck box. The idea of all my cooking stuff into one box and keeping everything organized is really nice. I took out on a recent deer hunt and all the other families were really impressed.

Love it!

This is exactly what I wanted, what I've always needed. But I didn't realize how great it was until I had it in my hands. I cannot wait to take it out in the field!


Exactly what I was looking for. Everything you need in one place, even gave me suggestions about what would fit nicely in the box. AND ITS MADE IN THE USA!! If you are looking for a camp kitchen look no farther, this will last for years. Very well built

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

I love organization

Everything has a place to go, no more messy camp kitchen tote!

great construction heavy duty !!!

Cross Country Chuckin'

Got this set up for everything between dessert and bear country. Made coffee most mornings on it, and just did some chicken and mashed potatoes. So far it's holding up well, even when I need to move it into a truck cabin for safe keeping. Makes for a great working area on a tailgate for this boondocking trip.

Looks like a great product!

Haven't used it yet, but excited to soon!

Great Kitchen

Holds exactly what you need and prevents you from dragging along things you don't need, does exactly what I hoped it would!!!!

It's a time saver!

Most of the time we go camping over the weekend. We usually leave on Friday afternoon. The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen is great because all of our cooking supplies are in one place. We just grab it, along with our food and camping equipment, and go! And when we get to the campsite, everything is so much easier. No searching through various boxes or bags for supplies. Just set up the Chuck Box and start cooking!

Awesome Camp Kitchen

The Chuck Box arrives in good condition. As everyone saying, picture does not tell you how “super strong” camp kitchen is. It is rock solid, light and very portable once you have it. It is packed with my 15year camping gear I wish I had this before. Excellent product thank you Chuck Box!!

The camp kitchen of our dreams!

We’d been searching for just the right camping organization/kitchen box for a LONG time. We are so glad to have finally found the Chuck Box!
As somewhat-minimal campers, the Chuck Box fits everything thing we need for car camping cooking & miscellaneous gear. It’s only slightly larger than the plastic tote it is replacing, but holds/organizes/offers so much: our Coleman two burner stove; set of nesting pots & pan; dishes, Sierra mugs & utensils; tablecloth; compactable solar shower & water jug; playing cards; tiny lantern; clothes line & clips; dish towels; etc. The lid that converts to a wash bin is genius!
It’s rugged yet lightweight. We are thrilled with our Chuck Box - thank you for making such a great product!

Can’t Wait To Use It

I need all the help I can get in organizing stuff and this chuck box will do the trick!!! I am excited to be able to use it for the first time this fall in car camping! I appreciate that it is lighter than other chuck boxes. My stove won’t fit at the top of the box but I knew that when buying so it’s ok. Thanks for a quality AMERICAN MADE product!!!

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen

The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen


Well made , easy to setup
Only thing that could use a little more room ( 1/2” ) is the stove compartment I have Camp Chef Everest propane 2 burner stove and it take a little forcing to get the lid shut.
Light and strong !!!!